Funded Research

$100,000 Veterans Administration

Computer Vision to Help People with Visual Impairment and Blindness, VA-Washington D.C.
M. Adjouadi, C. Chemtob, and E. Weldon
August 1986-September 1987

$30,164 Baptist Hospital of Miami

3-D MRI Workstation for Stereo-tactic Surgery, FY 1992
M. Adjouadi and S. Gonzalez-Arias
May 1991 - April 1992

$900,044 National Science Foundation: CISE-EIA

Establishment of an Institutional Infrastructure: Center for Advanced Technology and Education - CATE, (includes $ 100,000 for Research Experience for Undergraduates (Sept.95- Present)
M. Adjouadi, G. Roig, J. Story, M. Evangelist, F Arefi, D. Holmes, Y. Deng
September 1993 - August 1996

$36,000 Coulter Corporation

Imaging Algorithms for Enhanced Pattern Classification of Blood Cells, M. Adjouadi
April 1, 1994 - March 31, 1995

$267,000 National Science Foundation

Integrated Sensing Towards Real-Time Vision, Cognition, and Three-Dimensional Modeling,
M. Adjouadi, P. Schmidt, G. Larkins, J. Andrian
September 1995 - August 1997.

$5,000 Coulter Corporation

Cell Probe Internet Web Design
M. Adjouadi
April 1, 1996 - March 31, 1997

$18,000 Coulter Corporation

Multivariate Data Analysis
M. Adjouadi
April 1, 1996 - March 31, 1997

$210,000 USAF-Wright Peterson Laboratory

Time Frequency Analysis and Noise Filtering of Non-Stationary Signals, May 1996 - April 1999 [PI: Dr. Jean Andrian] Co-PI: M. Adjouadi.

$221,065 National Science Foundation

Multidimensional and Multispectral Information Processing and Computational Aspects,
M. Adjouadi
September 1996 - August 1999

$333,973 National Science Foundation: NSF-CISE

A Software-Hardware Integrated Approach for Real-Time Information Processing and Computer Design, [PI: A. Barreto], Co-PIs: M. Adjouadi, J. Jacko, G. Roig, and A. Pasztor.
July 1998 – June 2001

$208,750 National Science Foundation

Acquisition of EEG-Based System for HCI Research,
M. Adjouadi, A. Barreto, J. Jacko, A. Pasztor, G. Roig
September 1, 1998 – August 31, 1999

$1,006,000 Office of Naval Research: Science, Engineering and Mathematics Education Program

Educational Innovations in Engineering – Promoting Academic Excellence in Areas of Critical Technology Needs -- M. Adjouadi, G. Roig, A. Barreto, R. Coatie, N. Rishe, Y. Darici, M. Leckband, R. Mezziani, A. Pasztor, M. Martinez
August 1999 – June 2004.

$1,437,770 National Science Foundation: CISE-EIA

Development of an Institutional Infrastructure with Special Focus on Human-Computer Interfaces and Information Processing,
M. Adjouadi, A. Barreto, M. Martinez, A. Pasztor, G. Roig, M. Weiss, R. Coatie
Sep 1999 – Aug 2006.

$24,000 Beckman-Coulter Corporation – 2000-2001

University Partnership in Research
M. Adjouadi
April 1, 2000 - March 30, 2002

$10,000 Beckman-Coulter

University Partnership in Research
M. Adjouadi
August 2, 2000 - November 30, 2000

$745,563 National Science Foundation: NSF – CISE- IIS: Universal Access Program

“On-Screen Deconvolution to Facilitate Access for Users with Visual Impairments Involving Higher-Order Wavefront Aberrations”
PI: A. Barreto, Co-PIs: M. Adjouadi and J. Jacko
August 2003- August 2006.

$4,500,000 National Science Foundation: NSF-HRD

CREST: Center of Emerging Technologies for Advanced Information Processing and High-Confidence Systems-- Director Yi Deng Co-PIs M. Adjouadi (also Co-Director), N. Rishe, A. Barreto, X. He
September 2003 - August 2008

$1,000,000 National Science Foundation: CISE-CNS

Hardware-Software Integration for the Design of Real-Time Prototypes Merging Assistive Technologies to Neuroscience,
M. Adjouadi, A. Barreto, P. Jayakar, A. Pasztor, and G. Roig.
Sep 2004 – Aug 2009.

$349,460 National Science Foundation: NSF-CNS

MRI: Development of a Highly Integrated Instrumentation Setup For Affective Sensing Research, , PI: A. Barreto, Co-PI: M. Adjouadi.
August 1, 2005 –July 30th, 2008

$1,828,474 National Science Foundation: NSF-BPC

BPC-AE: Computing Alliance for Hispanic-Serving Institutions, February 2006 – January 2009 [PI: Dr. Ann Gates - UTEP], CO-PIs: Karen Villaverde- NMSU, Mohsen Beheshti CSUDH, John Fernandez, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, and Nestor Rodriguez -UPRM. Senior Personnel: M. Adjouadi - FIU

$2,197,000 National Science Foundation: NSF-BPC

BPC-A: Computing Alliance for Hispanic-Serving Institutions, [PI: A. Gates - UTEP], Co-PIs: M. Adjouadi - FIU, Mohsen Beheshti CSUDH, Desh Ranjan-NMSU, and Nestor Rodriguez -UPRM.
February 2006 – January 2009


Multi-Site Pediatric Network for fMRI Mapping in Childhood Epilepsy. [PI: William Gaillard, the George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences],
Dec 2006-Dec 2007.

$1,000,000 -

$1 million paid in six annual installments of $167,000 with the last one of $165,000.
PIs: M. Adjouadi, P. Jayakar, R. Schoephoerster, A. Barreto. The grant was secured to establish a joint Neuro-Engineering Program between Miami Children’s Hospital (MCH) and the BME department at FIU. The event was celebrated both at the FIU-President University House and at the Torch Society Gold Flame Induction Ceremony.

$5,000,000 National Science Foundation: NSF-HRD

CREST: Center of Emerging Technologies for Advanced Information Processing and High-Confidence Systems-- Director Yi Deng Co-PIs, N. Rishe, X. He, M. Adjouadi, A. Barreto. Awarded to date: $3,000,000.
September 2008 - August 2013.

$2,939,515 National Science Foundation: NSF-CNS

MRI-R2: Development of an Instrument for Information Science and Computing in Neuroscience PI: M. Adjouadi; Co-PIs: N. Rishe, A. Barreto, P. Jayakar, and W.D. Gaillard
June 1, 2010- May 31, 2015.

$3,499,783 National Science Foundation: NSF-CNS:

BPC-AE: Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions, PI: A. Gates; Co-PIs: M. Adjouadi, M. Beheshti, J. D. Fernandez, and E. Pontelli
September 1, 2010- May 31, 2015. Awarded to date (first year: $500,178.00)